Hello and thank you for entering my world, curious person.

My name is Elisha Lawson, which you probably have gathered from it being displayed in huge font on my home page. On other platforms, you might have seen the name Elisha "J" Lawson which can be a little confusing but I assure you that we are the same person.

I'm a military brat born and raised in Germany and currently live in the city of the world, New York. I've always wanted to live in NY, so when I received a scholarship to study at New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, I quickly accepted. After two years of training, I was hired straight out of school by Chicago City Limits Improv troupe. My improv skills opened doors for me in the theater world, booking plays such as Syncing Ink (The Public/ The Flea), A Christmas Carol (McCarter Theater), To Kill a Mockingbird (Queens Theater), and A Raisin in the Sun (Indiana Rep./ Syracuse Stages).

Once I received representation I was quickly propelled into television doing shows such as The Get Down (Netflix), Blue Bloods (CBS), Shades of Blue (NBC), and Boardwalk Empire (HBO).

In addition to my acting, I also co-own "Foresee Film Productions" that has created award-winning short films "Fire Escape" and "And Many More...?"

Acting, Dancing, and producing is what I love to do and my contribution to the world. Storytelling brings me joy and I submerge myself in whatever story I am blessed to be a part of